Recicla: Educational Game
Published on: 24 May 2015

A few days ago, I watched a video (Portuguese only) about the percentage of garbage that is recycled in Brazil.

Basically, only 3% of all waste produced in Brazil is recycled (yes, this number is right, it’s not a typo). It means that only 2.3 millions tons (out of 76 millions tons) are recycled in Brazil and the remaining 97% is thrown in rivers, cities and landfill sites.

Motivated by the proximity of the World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, I decided to work in the development of “Recicla”, an iOS educational game to help children to learn more about recycling. The idea of the game is quite simple: be fun and easy to learn about garbage recycling.

I designed two interactive characters: Felipe (penguin) and Rodolfo (walrus). Global warming is making their lives really hard, so they will help children to learn about recycling, and this way, help the planet to become a better place to everyone.

The children can choose which character they want to play. After that, they will learn about the types of waste and how they can be recycled. They learn about the different trash cans and the purpose of each one.

Once they learned the basics about recycling, they will start recycling the waste by themselves, dragging a specific item to the right trash can. Both success and failures are highlighted by different animations of the characters. Their goal is to help the children to understand about the recycling options.

Words such as recycling, sustainability and social responsibility permeates our vocabulary and become part of our day to day. One way to promote sustainable development and minimize the impact on nature is the reuse of recyclable materials, thus avoiding greater extraction of natural resources and generation of waste that cause damage to the planet.

The Recicla application, encourages sustainability through environmental education incorporated into the theme of recycling waste. Hopefully soon, we will see it available on the iTunes App Store.